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Lithuanian bands are rare guests in Latvia and most of our metalheads don’t know much about them. Could you explain people who have never heard about you what Ossastorium is? Ossastorium is a young 4-piece band, playing a unique combination of death metal with elements of techno and brutal death, filled with dark melodies. Our discography contains an EP “Per Aspera…” (2004) and a full album “Inferi” (2006). Both of them gained a positive feedback from audience and media. Ossastorium is considered as one of the most promising metal bands of Lithuania. At the moment we are promoting our latest effort “Inferi” and working with new material in studio. How did you get involved into heavy music? When was that moment that made you choose the way of a musician? I guess my relationship with music began when I was born. My mother (Rest In Peace) was a pianist, so our house was always filled with classical melodies. Later on (at about age 8) I “discovered” The Beatles, The Queen, Aerosmith… Then I started dreaming of becoming a guitar virtuoso. The first instrument I learned to play professionally was an air-guitar :) However, I began to attend classical guitar lessons only at age 15. A serious interest in metal music came soon after. In the beginning of 2001 I met a bass player Justinas and we decided to form a metal band. So that’s how Ossastorium was born and how I got involved in the metal scene. Your debut ep “Per Aspera…” was released by Giljotina Records, but “Inferi”, which is a full-length album is released by yourselves. What happened, why have you stopped working with Giljotina? Well, I could say that we were not satisfied with the contract conditions and decided to leave :) But the truth is - Giljotina club is not a record label and has never been such. It’s just a close circle of good friends + a website, related to black and death metal music ( Actually, “Per Aspera…” was the first and only Giljotina’s release. It was like an experiment, called “what is it like to be a label?”, I guess. Running a record label takes time, money and experience. Unfortunately nobody from Giljotina could take this commitment seriously. Which meaning of the word Inferi did you choose for the title of your album? The Latin word “Inferi” on this album means “those down below”. The whole concept of the album reflects the dark side of human psychology, where a man’s struggle with his own internal weaknesses consumes him in the abyss of earthly existence. The paradox of the predicament is that this man flirts with his state of mind - depression and despair, yearning and melancholy. Finally he discovers that heaven and hell, warm or cold, day or night, joy or pain - are inseparable: “Quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius” - (Hermes Trismegistos). The order of the universe is the harmony of opposites. The opposites are equal like mirror-images of each other. People often manage to discover evil things in the music of Ossastorium. What regards the moral aspect of the idea above, the concept is amoral by definition. Where the opposites are equal there is no room for moral assessment. Morality simply doesn’t apply here, as it tends to condemn the bad and celebrate the good. The concept of harmony of opposites stipulates equality and mutual interdependence between the two, therefore none of them is good or bad, such evaluation is at least improper. Our music, as any artistic expression should be, is deprived of any moral or immoral context, therefore there is no need to look for evil or good things here. Thus, Inferi means – what is inferior is equal to what is superior. Can’t help asking this question. After listening to your CD I had a feeling that you are fans of early Destruction music. Is it so? Which musicians influenced your works? This is a surprise for us, I must say, because we are not Destruction fans :). Everyone in Ossastorium has his personal influences and favorite artists. However, we all consider bands like Death, Morbid Angel, Vader, Zyklon, Behemoth to be our authorities. Who is the master of inspiration in your band? Umm… Drugs and alcohol ;) No, I’m just joking. I think the best Art - whether it is music or cinema or whatever else - is usually being created in pain, anguish or melancholy. So the inspiration comes from all those dark emotions, which inhabit us. Who is the author of your lyrics? Some of them are in Lithuanian. Aren’t you afraid that some foreign people won’t understand what are you singing about? There are thousands of metal bands singing in English in the world. We decided to use our mother tongue in some songs, because that made Ossastorium unique. 5 years ago, when we started, Ossastorium was the only death metal band in the world, singing in Lithuanian - the oldest living language in the Europe (I am sure, this fact may surprise readers of :). The author of Ossastorium lyrics is me. Sometimes your texts are really pessimistic. Outside the stage – are you the same? Can you be equated to heroes of your own songs? Absolutely, since I get the inspiration from my personal thoughts and emotions. I guess, Ossastorium lyrics could be described as intimate. But I would call them rather melancholic than pessimistic. You had concerts together with such bands like Vital Remains, Dismember, Hate and even our Latvian Neglected Fields… When you look back now, can you tell, what was the best show for yourselves? Well, I cannot tell you, which was the best one. There were fantastic audience in some shows, some gigs were superb for good sound (it is very important thing for the musicians). Some of them had a great atmosphere. However, as the most memorable show I’d consider our gig in Estonian festival Hard Rock Laager’04, because it was the first Ossastorium’s trip to foreign country. Some bands try to make their shows better involving bikers, fire-eaters and dancing girls, like Carpathian Forest and many others. What is your idea for your perfect performance? I mean the place, the season, the guests, show elements and so on…Can you imagine what should it look like? I think the most important thing in live performance is the music itself. Especially in extreme metal underground if you are playing crap music - nor the fireworks, nor the striptease, nor the dead pig’s head won’t help you conquer listener’s heart. The trademark of Ossastorium shows is great music, raw energy and… intimacy. Yes, we are very honest and close to the audience while on stage :). What are your duties besides being a member of Ossastorium band? We all are students. 3 of us aim for master’s degrees and are full-time employees. Besides, we all are involved in various musical side-projects. For example, Sergej – the drummer - is always busy with at least 4 bands at the same time :). It is a tradition – asking the same question to all foreign bands. Do you know any Latvian bands besides those who shared the stage with you? Personally I know pretty much about your country’s metal scene, since I understand a little in Latvian (I would like to learn this language better;). Sometimes I visit Latvian metal-related websites and forums. Besides, Latvian bands often perform in Lithuania, so I’ve seen much of them live. I really like Neglected Fields, Flaying, Urskumug, Skyforger and some other great bands. Saulius “Dellamorte” Rimas

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