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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us! How is everything with you these days? Saulius: Hello Agarr and Hellnoise readers! First of all we want to thank you for your interest in Ossastorium. We are doing fine – working in our rehearsal room on the new material and also training for a couple of gigs. When did you first get into metal? Justinas: It was almost ten years ago. I borrowed some mc’s from a friend of mine. It was Pantera “The Great Southern Trendkill”, a compilation of Death songs, Machine Head “Burn my Eyes” and some other albums. They were the piratical editions with poor quality covers but who cares – it was a great jump into metal music for me! Later I received an original mc from Metallica “Master of Puppets” for my fifteenth birthday and it was the final step to become a total metalhead. I started visiting all the local gigs. There were no Nirvana/Guns’n’Roses/Marilyn Manson periods in my life. A great start for a teenager, isn’t it? :) Saulius: The first metal song I really enjoyed as far I remember was Amorphis “Light my fire” (a cover version of Doors), that I’ve heard on radio when I was 11. But the serious interest in metal music came when I started to attend the classic guitar lessons at age 15. Rytis: I first got interested in metal when I was about 13. Till that I listened to various rock music. Once from my friend I got Napalm Death album „ Inside the torn apart“ which „hooked“ me at once. This was, as I think, the beginning of the development of my as metalist‘s personality. This British group has remained one of my favourites till now. How would you describe your music style?Justinas: It’s death metal with many influences. You can hear some techno death, thrash and melodic metal elements. Saulius: Well, I would call it a unique combination of death metal with elements of techno and brutal death, filled with dark melodies. Ossastorium’s music is also very emotional and melancholic. I think this thing distinguish us from many other death metal bands. How did you guys first meet and what was the reason you formed Ossastorium? Saulius: This whole affair started in the beginning of 2001. The metal underground in our hometown Kaunas was very stagnant back then and that made me feel sad. So I had a strong desire to form a metal band and bring some fresh air into the local scene. Fortunately I met Justinas, who had the same intention. Justinas: We met with Saulius by coincidence when I got into the rehearsal room of local rock band where Saulius was playing. We had some beer and a bottle of disgustingly sweet cherry liqueur so it was a great opportunity to get acquainted :) After some drinks we decided to form a band – and that’s how Ossastorium started. The reason to form the band was a strong desire. For me the desire to play metal was much bigger than my ability to play. That’s why I’m still in the band. Rytis: I joined Ossastorium quite recently, about a year ago, so I don‘t know much about the reasons of the group‘s appearance and development. I‘m just happy that I was in the right place at the right time and that the guys noticed me and invited me to join them. Because music is my life. What musical influences you carry along and work with? Saulius: Everyone in Ossastorium has his personal influences and favorite artists. However, we all consider bands like Death, Morbid Angel, Vader, Zyklon, Behemoth to be our authorities. Personally, I get the inspiration from various even non extreme metal bands like Dream Theater or Opeth. How is the Metal situation in Lithuania? Justinas: I think it isn’t the best situation there could be. The main problem is the lack of good musicians. It’s not the problem of talent. It’s the problem of willingness. There are some bands which play for a long time and do it really well but no new bands appear. If there’s some new band or project you see the faces which are already familiar to you. I don’t understand why young guys don’t try to get on stage. Saulius: However, we see the growing interest in metal music in Lithuania. More and more young people come to metal gigs, thus such great metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem or Judas Priest come to play here. And this is a great opportunity for Lithuanian bands to share the stage with those “giants”. For example, Ossastorium supported Vital Remains, Hate, Neglected Fields, Moonsorrow, Adultery and some others during their tours in our country. Do you have many gigs (especially in your country)? Justinas: Not so much. We receive invitations quite often but we choose which ones to accept. It depends whether an organizer is able to assure at least satisfactory sound on stage. Saulius: The other reason we deny some invitations – all band members are very busy with their studies, jobs and side-projects. It is always uneasy to get some spare time for the gigs. How is the reaction of the people referred to your music style? Justinas: The reaction is usually positive. We have many fans who really like the music we play. I don’t talk about people who hear metal for the first time. It’s evident that they may be surprised or even shocked. But who cares! What about the future of the band. Do you have any plans after ‘Inferi’? Justinas: Sure. The main plan is to do a new recording and to promote it. It would be more than great to find a reliable label and to play some gigs abroad. What do you think when you hear words like: - Beer: Justinas: A hot summer day and an ice-cold mug in my hands!!! - Sex: Boobs. - God: Blasphemy! - Festivals: Headbang till you die! - EU: Common currency and no bullshit at the borders. - Swedish Death Metal: Unleashed! MySpace: Useful website with a terrible interface :) Is there anything you want to tell the people out there? Like a final say? Justinas: Keep supporting metal! Saulius: Let’s hope this interview will help a little the readers of Hellnoise webzine to discover Ossastorium. Feel free to visit our website and myspace profile to hear our music! DEATH METAL! :) Thanks for the interview!

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